Natural carbon removal

Why double nature?

Because we have to remove the excess of 1500 gigatons of CO2 in the atmosphere. 1500 gigatons are about the same amount that’s already stored in living nature right now. If we double nature, we solve multiple crises: we reverse climate change, increase biodiversity, improve water cycles, and create a green beautiful planet.

What are Onsets?

Onsets are carbon removal credits that are regenerative, reputation-proof, nature-based, high quality, and actually work to reverse climate change. With Onsets, you can reverse climate change yourself by paying carbon removal entrepreneurs to store carbon while regenerating nature. One credit represents a ton (1000 kg) of CO2 safely stored away in nature.

How do we measure the amount of CO2 stored by nature entrepreneurs?

Onsets are ONCRA certified. ONCRA stands for Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting.  All data is open source, ensuring 100% transparency. What you see is what you get, so we do not use complicated calculations which might turn out to be useless later. The carbon is scientifically measured, from beginning to end.

How do we protect your reputation?

When you buy a credit from these removers, you’re removing carbon and supporting the nature-based economy. Most importantly, Onsets can only be sold to companies that can show that they are actually reducing their emissions, and that do not have a mainly fossil business case. We are not interested in paving the way to more greenwashing. 

The aim is to sell Onsets as a means to double nature and to make sure climate innovators can use the revenue as transition finance to scale and make the impact that is needed.

Onsets come from projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in land, oceans, rocks, and constructions and are verified by Oncra. Once stored, this carbon will no longer contribute to climate change, ensuring a future for the next generations.

Onsets give your company the opportunity to become nature positive. This is reducing your footprint as much as you can and storing more carbon that you are emitting. You then may choose to also remove your historical emissions, which would make you truly regenerative.

Is removing 1500 gigaton a challenge? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely! Together we will get it done.

We are here to bring parties together and are happy to give you more information on nature-based solutions and bring you in direct contact with the different carbon removal entrepreneurs.

Available carbon removal

Are you a company or person looking for nature-based carbon removal? We propose a three-step strategy, advised by Oxford University and others:

  1. Reduce your emissions as much as possible.
  2. Remove more than your leftover emissions.
  3. Regenerate by putting life central with everything you do. Use regenerative offsets.

If this is you, here you find removal credits that each represent a ton (1000kg) of actual CO2 removal. All credits are from regenerative removers implementing nature-based solutions and verified by Oncra. You can order up to 50 credits online, if you are looking for more please contact us.

How does it work?

Buy credits

Via Onsets, you buy removal credits directly from the removers. One credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide removed. More details and contact information for the remover are found on the removal credit page.

Transparent fees

A carbon accounting fee of 7% is paid to Climate Cleanup, a non-profit foundation, with every purchase. The fee is included in the price and covers the ONCRA verification and certification costs. VAT is excluded from the price.


Once the buying transaction is completed you will receive an order confirmation with your certificate and its unique certificate ID.


Each transaction is recorded in the ONCRA ledger. This ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system and facilitates the transparent listing of information on certified projects.


ONCRA Removal Credits are sold at prices that effectively cover the cost of carbon removal. Removers ultimately decide on the price. The current ETS price, the socio-economic damage costs, and actual removal expenses are the basis for our advisory price point. Ton-year accounting makes sure that the climate impact of each removal credit is equal over a 100-year timescale, giving certainty on permanence. Prices are including a 7% certification fee and exclude VAT (21% for buyers in The Netherlands, 0% in other countries).


All credits on Onsets ONCRA certified. ONCRA (Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting) is a framework for carbon removal accounting, that allows the issuance of removal credits for carbon removed via Nature-Based Solutions. Credits are issued based on measurements and scientifically rigorous empirical crediting methodologies.