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Carbon removal via offshore CDR research

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Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: ARB-O-001
TRL: 7
First issuance of Credits: 2023

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Kelp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. So is bamboo. Combining these two species provides a large carbon sequestration potential. Arbon Earth has developed a novel method by creating floating Oceanpods from bamboo and biodegradable ropes on which macroalgae can settle. These floating kelp islands provide shelter for fish and other sea life, creating a micro-ecosystem where Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) increases biodiversity and yields.

In a cost-effective, patent-pending way, Arbon Earth carries out fundamental research on ecosystem impact (e.g., biodiversity, deep sea, and logistics scale-up studies). This research will potentially enable scaling up the sequestration methodology together with partnerships so it makes a difference for large organisations.

The kelp grows offshore in the Atlantic ocean and it is kept afloat for a controlled period of time by the bamboo Oceanpods. After this the algae sinks to the seabed to more than 1000 m depths to achieve high permanence. Part of the carbon is buried in the sediment and stays there for thousands of years, while some is decomposed in the water column and reaches the surface after the ocean cycling time of hundreds to thousands of years.

About the remover:

Arbon Earth is on a mission to help reset climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere and binding it to the seabed. Arbon Earth AB was founded by Magnus Willner and Carl Lindberg. Arbon Earth has collaborated with many ocean enthusiasts including scientists and companies.


Remover info:

Remover name: Arbon Earth
Address: Kalle bas väg 8, 43854 Hindås, Sweden


Arbon conducts research on the Oceanpod, with the aim to build knowledge about the sea, the deep sea and the carbon sequestration potential. There is still uncertainty regarding factors affecting the final result. To this end, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to deliver the credits. Our plan is to scale up the process while we further develop and fine-tune the production methods iteratively, as well as to obtain a third party verification.

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