Boer in Natuur

Carbon removal via Dutch Local Circular Agroforestry

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The Netherlands

SDG co-benefits

Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: BIN-M-B001-0121
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2022

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Local Circular Regenerative Agroforestry is a win-win way to sequester CO2, with high levels of CO2 sequestration and oxygen production. It rapidly sequesters carbon in biomass and the soil, but also uses little fossil fuel to do so, to make sure of this the farmer gets his fuel by bike, uses animals for most of the intense work and produces for his local market(max 20km away). Therefore this project is an ideal tool to attain the net-zero emissions goals and fit within the European Green Deal.

Local circular regenerative agroforestry creates water, holds water in the soil, prevents erosion and regenerates the soil. Trees only have to be planted once for the next 60 to 400 years.

The soil at Boer in Natuur has a high potential of storing carbon. The baseline soil samples show a low amount of Carbon. The nearby forest shows that it can increase significantly over time.

What makes this site unique is that it shows how it is possible to farm 20 hectares, produce 200 different products with minimal use of fossil fuels, improving the landscape and in this case create delicious muesli that comes from 1 farm instead of 20 countries. Buying our carbon removal credits will allow us to scale and continue this work.


About the remover
The carbon is removed by Boer in Natuur, with head office in Slabroek, The Netherlands. 

Boer in Natuur, is one of the few agroforestry systems in the Netherlands and the only one that focusses on getting to as circular as possible on the farm.


Images of the carbon removing site

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Additional Benefits

  • Local grown: short chain & circularity, avoiding any form of footprint as much as possible.
  • Ability to provide in 70% of the local diet for 300 families.
  • Sustainable alternative for most macro and micro nutrients.
  • Regeneration of degraded land and revival local biodiversity
  • Low footprint, high impact; contributing to 8 SDG’s

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • SDG2- Zero hunger
    The circular, local nature of our regenerative agroforestry farm allows us to produce almost double the food possible in the current conventional system. By integrating animals, we’re managing to close the loop on 90% of our business. We’re focused on our local market with a radius of 20 km in which we sell our products
  • SDG8-Decent work and economic growth
    At Boer in natuur, we believe that the cultivation of diverse agroforestry and silvopastoral systems, can revitalize our landscape and stimulate our local economy. By implementing regenerative practices, we aim to create healthy, productive ecosystems that support biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and promote soil health. We’re expecting to be able to have 3 salaries on a 20 hectare farm, whereas the average in our surroundings is one on 60 hectares.
  • SDG13- Climate Action
    Life is a beautiful, complex, optimized carbon sink. Promoting life, we use the power of nature to remove carbon from the atmosphere and put it into biomass, for human food, animal feed, and carbon removal. Not only does this create more life by creating numerous new habitats, it also buffers and recycles water, cleans the air, creates beautiful landscapes, and reduces erosion from rain and wind. It is the most cost-efficient and win-win-win-win way of storing carbon.
  • SDG 15- Life on Land Our farm is founded on the principle of bringing life back to as much of our area as possible. We’re definitely succeeding, several scientists have now found more life on our farm then on the neighbouring nature reserves. We’re regenerating our local ecosystems and providing a sustainable source of food, fuel, and fiber, promoting economic and social well-being.