Carbon removal via European Regenerative Agriculture

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The Netherlands


Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: FNL-L-004
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2023

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Regenerative agroforestry is a win-win situation to store carbon. Through agroforestry, carbon is sequestered quickly in biomass and the soil. The regenerated soil of Bosnodig produces organic, nutritious food and increases the biodiversity above- and below-ground. Additionally, regenerative agroforestry creates water, retains water in the soil, prevents erosion and regenerates the soil. This project is an ideal tool to achieve net-zero emissions targets and the European Green Deal.

The soil of Voorst has a high mean potential to sequester carbon. The baseline soil samples taken in 2023 show a large soil carbon content. Furthermore, samples from forest soils on the same land show the potential of an increase in the soil carbon through planting forests. This underlines our mission that forest are needed (Bosnodig).

Bosnodig shows what we seem to have forgotten: the forest as a source of life. It is a social, educational and recreational nature place, but also a source of food, inspiration and connection.

What makes the location unique is that the land is protected and passed on to the next generation for the next 400 years. Thereby, we can assure long-term carbon storage in our project and a source of life for future generations.

Bosnodig is a special project with sustainable and social goals. By purchasing our carbon removal credits, we our able to scale and continue this work.

About the remover:

Bosnodig was initiated by Heleen Eshuis and is located in the village of Voorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands. Bosnodig started in 2021 with finding their location, and have been busy with creating a biodiverse food forest ever since.


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