Carbon removal via European Regenerative Agriculture

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The Netherlands


Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: HOR-L-C001
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2023

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Horaholm believes in the power of regenerative farming to enrich both the ecosystem and our planet whilst capturing carbon. By nurturing their 120ha land, of which 35ha is comprised of salt marches, with regenerative practices, they cultivate a thriving habitat that sequesters carbon and restores balance to the ecosystem.

By using state-of –the-art biological knowledge and technology, they are on the forefront of organic and regenerative farming. Their focus lies on optimizing photosynthetic diversity and getting natural nutrients and minerals into the soil. They create nutrient dense products, such as carrots, potatoes and vegetable seed crops. They then sell these nutrient dense products locally.

Horaholm’s pure arable and vegetable farmland has a 50 weeks a year living biodiverse cover and works with very little external input. Through high ecosystem diversity they can already show results in the form of massive humus increases. This proofs the capturing of CO2 through optimal photosynthesis.

By investing in their carbon credits, you support Horaholm’s mission of developing a regenerative arable and vegetable system, enabling the expansion of their carbon capture efforts and the preservation of vital habitats, nurturing biodiversity.

About the remover:

The carbon is removed by the family Westers with their farm Horaholm. They are located in the top North of the Netherlands in the village of Hornhuizen.

Horaholm is certified organic since 2002. By 2020, they embraced biodynamic farming. Meanwhile since 2006 they are the Dutch pioneers in developing a regenerative arable and vegetable farming system that goes far beyond organic. Today, in 2023, they run a cutting-edge biodynamic arable and vegetable farming enterprise, devoted to crafting an incredibly regenerative farming system on their land in Hornhuizen, Groningen.



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Address: Dijksterweg 12, 9978TB Hornhuizen

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