D.J. & R. van der Horst Witharen

Carbon removal via European agricultural soil improvement

  Land stored carbon    Photosynthesis
Witharen, The Netherlands

Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: RVH-L-001
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2023
Vintage: 2013-2022

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About the remover

Dairy farm van der Horst is located in Witharen. Together, father Dick and son Ronald look after the 140 dairy cows and 70 young animals on the farm. They also cultivate 58 hectares belonging to the farm. Ronald has already taken over much of the work from his father and continues the business that has been in the family for many years. Ronald strongly feels the responsibility he has been given, he gets to work a part of the earth and take care of it, to pass it on healthily to the next generation as well.

This is why Ronald pays a lot of attention to soil improvement. Using compost and other natural fertilisers stores organic matter and carbon in the soil. This is done within a project, where under the guidance of a soil health company, the farmer and his contractor work together intensively. Together, they dwell on soil quality, soil life, nitrate leaching, carbon balance, biodiversity and other issues. Thus, they work to improve soil life and thus improve the environment. And not without results! Every few years, Ronald has soil analyses taken by a recognised soil analysis company. From the past 10 years, they assessed what was happening in the soil with the organic matter (= soil life) and carbon in the soil of the plots. A nice increase in organic matter and carbon can be seen in the soil, i.e. CO2 has been sequestered in the soil. It doesn’t stop here for Ronald. He and his family will continue to work for healthy soil management and a sustainable future. Contractually the carbon removal credit income will be reinvested into continued improvements, leveraging the regenerative work already done.



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