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From Sea to Soil: carbon removal via seaweed-based solutions on land

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Status: Oncra Certified
Verification Number: TSC-L-2202
TRL: 4-6 (Development level)
First issuance of CRCs: 2021

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Seaweed is a fast-growing water plant, with very high levels of CO2 absorption and oxygen production. It doesn’t require any fresh water, fertilizer or land, and while growing it cleans the ocean from excessive nutrients, it deacidifies the oceans, forms a habitat for marine live and increases marine biodiversity.

Seaweed is not only a very supportive plant for coastal ecosystems, the use of seaweed-based applications can have a huge impact on land and accelerate the transition towards sustainable agriculture. With TSC’s seaweed-based biostimulant, farmers can reduce inputs whilst remaining output: improving crop and soil resilience, improve yield and reduce the use of fertilizer and pesticides.

These seaweed-based applications form the core of The Seaweed Company’s “From Sea to Soil” program. A unique project to catalyse regenerative agriculture practices in partnership with many pioneering farmers and impact driven investors across Europe, that results in tangible positive impact: incremental carbon sequestration in the soil, regeneration of agricultural land, preservation of water, improving crop quality, securing food supplies and a better climate.

Via the positive effect of ocean – and land stored carbon, this program is aimed to attain net-zero emissions goals and fits within the European Green Deal.


About the remover:

The carbon is removed by The Seaweed Company BV, with head office in Schiedam – The Netherlands, and subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Ireland, India, Morocco and Greenland.

The Seaweed Company is the only European-rooted seaweed company that is globally active in the entire seaweed value chain with the development of high-end value products for humans, animals, crops and soils, and the standardized production of traceable and sustainable seaweed species globally. Our prime focus areas are BlueFarming, where we catalyse the transition to sustainable agriculture and BlueHealth, where we contribute to sustainable diets for human health & wellbeing.


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