Uka Farm

Carbon removal via European Regenerative Agriculture

  Land stored carbon    Photosynthesis


Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: UKA-L-001
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2023

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Welcome to Uka Farm: where regenerative farming meets harmony with nature and people.

At Uka Farm, we’re dedicated to embracing the principles of regenerative farming to cultivate a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and exceptional wines. Our core mission revolves around promoting biodiversity among plants, insects, and various life forms. We believe that by harmonizing our farming practices with nature, we can contribute to the restoration of ecosystems and soils.

Social aspects are also a central point of our family farm. For example, native grape varieties are used from some of the most remote villages in Albania, making this a primary source of income for 250 families. By doing so, we aim to foster strong personal connections, economic growth and create sustainable livelihoods.

Flori Uka, the visionary behind the farm, has a life philosophy to live life in balance with nature and people. Thereby, he wants to inspire future generations, including his two sons, to understand and respects nature and life.

About the remover:

Uka farm was founded in 1996 by Flori Uka his father, entomologist Professor Rexhep Uka, to increase insect diversity. Flori is a professional sommelier and winemaker, who kept the principles of his father to work in harmony with insects and other forms of live on his farm. The farm is located in the Laknas village, 8 km from Tirana, the capital of Albania.


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